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Post  admin on Wed Dec 30, 2009 6:42 pm

Server features:
Mix with irose & evo style
Max Stats: 500
Max Level: 300
New Maps
New Skills
New Armor & Weapons
New Carts
New Quests
Customized NPC Shops
Refine Success rate 50% for (9)
Botbuffers in every towns
Maxed & last forever buffs
Instants & Infinite Spawn for Krawfy King & Junon's King Kong (for your 2nd job quest convenience)
99% No bugs No lags No delay

Daily Server Rates:
100x Zullie
60x Experience
60x Drop

Server Spec:
AMD Phenom(tm) 9650 Quad-Core
8 gig of RAM
100mgbit Connection
12/7 of Server Online & Supports
Everyday Database Backup

New Faces:


New Grade 9 Gems:

Crystals, Hearths & Refines in shop:

Uniques in shop:

Castle Gear & Extra Carts:


Get any kind of job title u want:

04 Jan 2010 Updates:
- Reduce DC (u still get DC though)
- Added P2P (will added more later)
- Added Refines in Xita
- Vending Tab is now have more stuffs
- Added new wings
- Added new backshields
- Added new shields


05 Jan 2010 Updates:
- Added P2P Items & others in Junon / Luna NPC (check screenshots below to know which npc sell it)


07 Jan 2010 Updates:
- DC bug 100% fixed
- Server rates now 80x zuly, 60x exp & 100x drop.
- Reborn system up to 3 times (Instant bonus 300 stats)
- Gem grade 9 added at Sergei (Luna)
- Materials tab has now more stuffs
- Armor & weapons level 230 will be added (on 09 Jan '10)
- P2P items for armor & weapon will be added (on 09 Jan '10)
- Everyone get GM lvl.1 power
(you can request "GM" tag beside your name (PM me here with your in-game name) but it will not turn blue in your screen but other players can see it)

GM commands:
/na - global chat (everyone can see what you type)
/nz - map chat (anyone who in same map only can see your text)
/move (player name) - teleport to targeted player.

NO Hamachi & Free to Play!

Server will back online on February 15.


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